Welcome To EPMS 2010 Ltd, Experts In Making And Supplying Rotary Drum Magnets.

We specialise in making and supplying rotary drum magnets.

EPMS 2010 Ltd

Our committed staff at E.P.M.S. has over 35 years of combined experience repairing all sizes and varieties of rotary drum magnets for many of the largest shredder and recycling companies in the United Kingdom. We are able to work on-site and also produce spare parts at our Birmingham facility.
We also provide a full spectrum of electromagnetic rotary drum magnets of our own design as a result of all of our experience. The sizes range from 1200 mm to 2800 mm wide, with diameters to meet the needs of our customers at extremely affordable costs.
We only wind drum magnets with aluminium wire using the best available insulation to Class H standards.
Aside from being lighter, aluminium also excels at carrying a current and can resist extremely high working temperatures, providing consumers with great performance throughout a long service life.
Our focus is on creating the best coil performance possible using cooling ducts inside the coil winding. In our dedicated clean winding facility, we take great pride and care while winding or rewinding drum magnet coils.